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Get crucial insights on productivity

We collect metadata from Git repositories and represent it in a more readable and understandable metrics.

Identify issues early
You have a repository which is not performing but should? You will be the first one to see this.
Make data-driven decisions, today
Track how your most important metrics change on a daily basis and see what drives these changes.
Improve based on historical data
See your team's velocity over time. How has it improved, what's not working, and what should be continued.

Find bottlenecks before they happen

Increase productivity without introducing friction.

Individual engineer performance.
It's crucial to know where each engineer stands within the team. Want to know if your engineer is helping other teammates? Check their statistics on code review & code comments.
Overview of activity in repositories.
See the big picture of which repositories consume the most time and which repositories require the most labor.

Take your development team tothe next level


Keep the team focused on what actually matters

Send timely alerts to stay on the right track.

Alerts for pull requests.
Get notified when pull requests are open for too long.
Alerts for deployment frequency.
Get notified when continuous development is no longer.

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